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Natural Migraine Relief

From your family to your work, chronic, debilitating headaches can affect every aspect of your life. When you're in the depths of a pounding headache you naturally want someone to help who understands the extreme pain that comes from migraines. At Richmond Headache Clinic we are dedicated to providing an effective non-narcotic, multi-disciplined approach to for cluster headache treatment and migraine treatment.

Experienced Effective Headache Relief

Led by Dr. Ney, our treatment center has years of experience helping people just like you find the effective Migraine treatment they need. During your first visit at our office, we'll work to help design a natural treatment plan that that works for your type of headache. As you're aware, no two migraine or cluster headaches are exactly alike. That is why treatments will vary from person to person. But you should never lose hope. At Richmond Headache Clinic we have a 90% success rate in finding effective treatments for our patients.

One-On-One Migraine Treatment Planning

Migraine treatments and cluster headache treatments require a comprehensive approach. We all want a magic pill to cure migraines but that just doesn't exist. By analyzing the triggers in your life we can create a treatment program with your exact needs in mind. By examining teeth alignment, quality of sleep, range of motion, neck muscle strength, and personal psychology we are able to comprehensively determine the best course of action to help you deal with headaches and prevent them naturally.

When you're in the depths of a migraine or cluster headache, all you want is relief. That's certainly understandable. At Richmond Headache Clinic, we will give you the care and attention you deserve in order to help you find the effective headache relief you need. You can take comfort in knowing we'll do everything we can and that our clinic is staffed by individuals who understands and care about what you're going through. If you're desperate for effective cluster headache treatment or migraine treatment, now is the time to give us a call at (859) 623-3761 or fill out our online contact form.

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